Head Instructor

Kids Martial Arts  near Clearwater

Yaro Havelka

Grand Master Yaro is a Owner & Operator of business and Head Master of the school.

He has been training Martial Arts for over 30 years. 

Currently, he holds following ranks:

- Hapkido International – 7th Degree Black Belt  (Grandmaster David Wheaton)

- Modern Arnis – 3rd Degree Black Belt (Sensei Wilfredo Matias (+2005)) 

- Ko Am Mu Do – 3rd Degree Black Belt  (Grand Master Yung Ho Jun)

- Tae Kwon Do ITF – 1st Degree Black Belt (Master John Glandon)

- Tae Kwon Do WTF – 1st Degree Black Belt (Grand Master Glen Uesugi)

- FCS Kali – Instructor Level (Tuhon Ray Dionaldo)

- Filipino Warrior Arts (Founder)

He also training many other styles of martial arts.

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