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Welcome to TOP Martial Arts, where family-friendly training is our highest priority. We are proud to serve students across Clearwater and beyond with high-quality classes and never-ending fun. Whether your goal is to get fit or to learn self-defense, we've got you covered. And don't forget: our Kids Martial Arts program is second to none. Help your child build a foundation for all aspects of life with bully prevention techniques, self-confidence development, and tons and tons of fun! We'd love to have you come check it out for yourself. Join us today and try out a FREE private lesson with our instructors. No obligation. No commitment. Just a first-hand look at everything we have to offer. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started!

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Kickboxing Special (Expires 2/20/2020)

  • Limited Time Only! (Expires 2/20/2020)
  • Money Back Guarantee (they love it or your money back!)
  • Friendly and Caring Instructors Confidence Building Atmosphere
  • FREE gloves includes
  • + We Will Give You $100 Credit on Any Program
$ 99 / 30 Days

Kids Martial Arts Special (Expires 2/20/2020)

  • Limited Time Only! (Expires 2/20/2020)
  • Money Back Guarantee (they love it or your money back!)
  • Friendly and Caring Instructors
  • Confidence Building Atmosphere
  • FREE Uniform
  • + We Will Give You $100 Credit to Any Program
$ 99 / 30 Days

Adults Martial Arts Special (Expires 2/20/2020)

  • Limited Time Only! Expires 2/20/2020
  • Money Back Guarantee (you love it or your money back!)
  • Friendly and Caring Instructors
  • Confidence Building Atmosphere
  • FREE Uniform Includes
  • + We Will Give You a $100 Credit to Any Program
$ 99 / 30 Days

Afterschool Special (2/15/2020)

  • New Students Only
  • Martial Arts Class Daily
  • Structured and Professional Program
  • Students are separated in proper age group
  • Age groups are in different activity rooms
  • Activity Rooms Have a Different Activity Daily
  • Time for Homework
  • Expires 2/15/2020
FREE / 2 Weeks

My twin daughters, Jordyn & Jayden have been a part of Top Martial Arts for over 1 year. They attend the after school program as well as the summer camp. They started at the age of 5 1/2, and will soon be 7. One of the absolute hardest & most difficult decisions a parent has to make is leaving their children in the hands & care of someone else. It really never gets easier, however, I have no doubt that my daughters are in the best environment at top martial arts. Grand Master Yaro & Sensei Vickie have an amazing dojo. The care, knowledge, experience, and pride they show at their dojo is amazing. My daughters have benefited to the extreme from them and Sensei Jose, Sensei Octavio, Sensei Mitchell, Sensei Reace, Master Dominic and Ms Nancy. Their names & top martial arts have become household names. What my daughters have learned from top martial arts has been nothing but a positive impact on their lives. As a parent, proper manners, respect, discipline and so on comes from us. Top martial arts continues to instill these & more within my daughters. The physical aspect has also been a huge factor. They have become stronger & more confident in their physical abilities. They love the techniques involved with martial arts & practice on a daily basis by their own will because they love it! I can't thank Grand Master Yaro & Sensei Vickie enough for all they do. They are truly a blessing to my daughters. 

Fitness Kickboxing Clearwater

Kristin K.

We have been going to this DOJO for almost 6 months and our son loves it the staff is excellent and are very dedicated to what they do for these students wouldn't change DOJO for nothing....

Fitness Kickboxing Clearwater

Christopher F.

Our family has always been into the martial arts. Each of our sons has their favorite styles and forms. Here at TOP Martial Arts Family Fitness, we are now studying Hapkido. In addition, we are taking the Arnis-Kali (weapons) and Power Bands fitness classes. We are enjoying all of them! Because it is a traditional black belt school, I know that the utmost respect and courtesy is shown and expected here. And I truly appreciate that factor. Master Yaro's background and training shows in his dedication to our Dojo (school), the instructors, students and staff. Our youngest son is now training as an instructor in the Hyper Pro Training, the Tigers and the Youth classes. This invaluable training along with his tenacity, skills and talent has propelled him even further in his 3rd level martial arts training. Next year he will be receiving his black belt. Makes a parent proud! If you are looking for a place to train in the martial arts for yourself and/or your family, I highly recommend TOP Martial Arts Family Fitness. You can feel comfortable bringing your family here. Take note that if you have a challenge in learning or have a child who does, you should look into this Dojo School) for training. Thank you again TOP Martial Arts Family Fitness.

Fitness Kickboxing Clearwater

Alexis R.

An exceptional martial arts school. I have been attending for many years and am truly grateful for Master Yaro and Sensei Vicky and their vast knowledge. I am now a third Dan in Hapkido and will test again in December. My daughter is working toward her Black Belt. I wouldn't have her attend any other martial arts school.

Fitness Kickboxing Clearwater

Bill C.

My children Mitchell and Kori started their martial arts training with Grand Master Yaro back in 2011 when they were 11 and 7 respectively. Today they are both 2nd-degree black belts and Mitchell helps instruct the Tigers.  They began with Top Martial Arts in the summer camp program. New and a little timid, they were not sure what to expect, but it didn’t take long for them to feel at home and a genuine part of the dojo. Both of my children gained skills and self-confidence that well exceeded my expectations. They embraced and embodied the student tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. I love how every single class they say them, learn about them and are held to a standard of always displaying them. I have no doubt that should they ever need to defend themselves, their training will prove to be invaluable. Mitchell is 18 now and has developed such a love for martial arts that he intends to pursue further training while he is in college and ROTC. I cannot speak more highly of Grand Master Yaro and Sensei Vicki as well as all the staff who have taken part in Mitchell and Kori’s journey thus far.

Fitness Kickboxing Clearwater

Kurt S.

Our nephew has been attending classes here for the last year and is clearly obsessed! The instructors are fantastic; the focus on discipline and self-defense has positively impacted his behavior at home and preschool.

Fitness Kickboxing Clearwater

Mindy H.

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