No more dreading your workout...get ready to have the most fun you can while burning as much calories as you do running (535 for a 150 lb female).  Working out your core, your heart, and all major muscle groups.  We add some extras in for good measure like increased flexibility, stress relief and FUN!!! 

You’ll learn kicking techniques of martial arts and the punching and jabbing of boxing into an energizing, fast-pace, 45-minute cardiovascular workout. Kickboxing is easy to learn and is totally different from any workout you have ever experienced. It’s a workout you’ll look forward to everyday!

Having never taken a martial arts class or training before, I decided to try TOP Martial Arts and their kickboxing program. At first I was skeptical and unsure on how kickboxing will get me back in shape. After all, I don’t like working out at a gym, I enjoy playing sports until an injury ended my soccer playing days. The trainers and people at Top Martial Arts make me feel comfortable and motivate me to meet my fitness goals while having fun.

Johanna V.

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